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Fall 2003 Issue 3:009
Now we've gone and done it. We let it get so hot we hit some kind of criticality and went Poof! Final Issue stories by Claude Lalumière, Greg Jenkins, and a special guest appearance by Skippy, the Semi-Serious Supernova.

Summer 2003 Issue 2:008
Does it feel hot in here? Don't open a window, turn up the GAS! With flame-broiled cyber-crack like these three stories from Mark Siegel, Edwin McRae, and Jason Stoddard, you'll be lucky if you don't melt.

Spring 2003 Issue 2:007
Ready, aim, FIRE. Two infernal stories about war, and one of 'em--a nice bit by Daniel E. Blackston--is so damn good you'll be feeling shrapnel for months to come.

Winter 2003 Issue 2:006
Oh yeah. We got your ignition triggers; we got 'em right here. Remarkably combustible speculative fiction from the inflammatory likes of Claude Lalumière, Christopher Daly, and alienartist.

Fall 2002 Issue 1:005
Smoke this! One hunk a hunk o' hunk o' burning SF, just for you! Features Woody O. Carsky-Wilson, Kfir Luzzatto, and LA Franks.

Summer 2002 Issue 1:004
One fired up story and a conflagration of very short runners-up all coming at you like red hot Venusian mosquitos. Featuring Martin Phipps, Kristy Legassie, Lynn Bey, and a whole bunch of others!

Spring 2002 Issue 1:003
Three incendiary stories to set your head on fire featuring Justin Stanchfield, Lazette Gifford, and Mark Yohalem.

Second Issue 1:002
Four smoking tales from Jay Arr Henderson, Terry Hickman, Paul Witcover, and a novel exerpt from Brett A. Savory.

Premier Issue 1:001
Featuring smoldering speculative fiction from Richard D. Slay, Jane Gwaltney, and Max E. Keele.


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