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Authors Featured in Issue 2:008

Mark Siegel

Author of  Victim of Fashion

In the last three years, Mark Siegel has published over 25 stories in places such as Writers of the Future, Ideomancer, and Chiarascuro. "The Ghost of My Sex Life With K" won the Coffeehouse Short Fiction Award for 2001, and his first dark fantasy novel, Echo and Narcissus, was just released by Aardwolf Press to great reviews. Another story, "Displaced Persons," appears in the latest issue of Roadworks.


Edwin McRae

Author of  Rain

Ed is a Kiwi scribbler of speculative fiction from the frontier of civilisation - New Zealand. His stories have been previously published in Shining Waters Fantasy Literature and New Zealand Writers Website. He has written one full-length cyberpunk novel, Black Rabbit, and is at work on a sequel as we speak. When he's not writing he teaches performing arts, plays in a garage-metal band and goes for walks in the NZ wilderness.


Jason Stoddard

Author of  Mini Jesus Clones Replacing Elvis As Most Popular Holiday Gift!

By day, Jason Stoddard is just another frustrated engineer-turned-advertising-agency-owner who is busy twisting the minds of millions of consumers for his evil corporate masters. He claims responsibility for America's obesity problem, rising consumer debt, the ongoing trouble in the Middle East, and the latest failed Mars mission.. At night, he spends his time contemplating questions like how a workable reputation economy might work, the impact of fragmentation of the human race into different subspecies, and whether or not mankind will ever be able to shape its own destiny, rather than rely on haphazard natural selection. He's slowly turning these ideas into short stories, and has a novel in the works that will be completed this summer.


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