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The first bit of flotsam (Issue 1:001)

Concerning the chain of events that began September 11, 2001....

We, the staff at Fiction Inferno--like all human beings with a shred of compassion anywhere in the world--are stunned, saddened, and horrified by the enormous crimes committed. We feel deep sympathy and concern for those who are most directly affected: those who were killed or injured, those who have lost loved ones, those whose lives are forever changed. We include ourselves in the last category. Never again will we experience entertainment violence with the same detachment, the same bemused indifference to the actual suffering these events inevitably cause in the real world.

However--and this is important--all art, fiction included, will help us understand and recover from the trauma inflicted on us all. Speculative Fiction has always been an invaluable tool for dealing with complex horrors. From Speculative Fiction (1984 to On the Beach, all the works of Harlan Ellison and Phillip K. Dick, and Norman Spinrad, and Ted Sturgeon, and every other example of all the best that SF has ever produced) comes a method we can use to test dangerous and difficult ideas. The arena of imagination.

So, with that in mind, Fiction Inferno will continue to be an advocate for the evocative, the disturbing, the occasionally inflammatory, and the sardonic visions that help make this human race the most interesting species we know.

~The Staff at Fiction Inferno

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