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Strategist in Glass

by Daniel E. Blackston

Sometimes we encounter a writer that makes us wonder what the world would be like if it was fair. Daniel Blackston is one of those. We've seen a couple of his stories elsewhere, and damnit, that feller can write. If the world was fair, he'd have his own fan club. Publishers would be lined up outside his office, pushing and shoving each other to be the first to read his next story. His style and voice are extraordinary for someone with so few published works, but we suspect that his body of work (and reputation) will only grow. When he's all famous and stuff, just remember you saw him here first.

The Other Foot

by Max E. Keele

We ain't proud of it, but sometimes we run out of time and resources and have to put up a story by some lame-assed unknown punk just to fill the space. This is one of those.


You may have noticed that there are only two stories this issue. This unfortunate state of affairs may be referred to as the FI Horse Latitudes, and is possibly due (at least in some measure) to a strange alignment of cosmic force nexus lines that seems to have coalesced around the first of the year, bringing with it a total absence of navigable wind. We expect the situation to rectify shortly. Thank you for your support.


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