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Website Content Services

  Content Assessment
Complete report on your site's content, including suggested improvements. Repair of all grammatical, spelling, or contextual errors for up to 25 pages.
  Rewrite your existing content
Rework your existing content for correct English, quality presentation, and greatest possible Search Engine (SEO) impact. Priced per 25 pages.
  Site development
Navigation, concept, and/or content acquisition. Complete site marketing plan for new or redevelopment site projects. Metatagging and on-page keyword optimization for improved search engine placement for up to 100 category and higher level pages.
  Original content acquisition
Content planning and acquisition management. Full and detailed long-range content design. Managment of sub-contracted writers, video producers, flash programmers, or other as needed. Will require additional budget commitments for third-party developers.
  Business plans
Concept development, writing, and 10 bound copies. Every business is a unique situation with special requirements. Contact Max for specific details and a prompt quote.
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Content + SEO = Traffic!

Let the Web Content Expert give you the peace of mind of knowing that your website is as well written as it is designed.

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