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Here are some of our favorite alternate universes. None of these sites have anything to do with Fiction Inferno. They have NOT paid for nor solicited their presence in this list. FI is NOT responsible for any content (or lack thereof) encountered through these links. Feel free to come and go as you please, but don't forget to shut the DAMN DOOR on your way out. Report any broken or boring links to FI's Techie Slave Unit.

NOTE: This list is no longer maintained. Enjoy it at your own risk.


3 AM Magazine
"From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and clued-up..." - The Times, London. Wow. So now I'm all clued up! That's cool, I guess. 3am, though, is definitely a great e-mag. They've been around for many, many years, and have published some awfully good fiction. Not to be confused with the old "2am Magazine" from back in the days when they used paper. You remember paper. Thin crinkly stuff that comes write once, read many.

The Alien Online
For all the Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy you can stand--reviews, news, articles, and a huge growing amorphous library of links and resources--go here. I am quite impressed by their site development and expect great things. Some of the best reviews I've seen.

Another Realm
Some good stories here, new ones twice a month. Also, one of the better magazines for Flash Fiction.

Aphelion Webzine
I just love this: truly a 'zine after my own heart. Clean, refreshing, weird. Lots of good fiction and even some entertaining poetry. If you like that sort of thing.

Avant Pulp
Yo, this is what it's all about. Some guy with a vision, an internet account, and a few thousand words of visceral entertainment can jack a little bandwidth and share it all with the world. The fiction here is Very Edgy, and a bit rough. Come to think of it, that's just exactly what pulp is supposed to be....

Good mag. Good navigation and design, interesting stories. The art is good quality, but (on my monitor anyway) a bit small, and kind of standard-issue. I'll be keeping tabs on these guys, though.

This is one of the best places for literary dark fiction on the Internet. Emphasis on the dark. Terrific fiction, awesome poetry.

[Dead Cities Online]
This is your brain: @. This is your brain after reading Gabe Chouinard's hypercerebaesthetic reviews of speculative fiction and the Next Wave: @#$@@$@!@!$@$#$#. Try it and see, but don't blame me if your weltanschauung takes a couple of lumps. You might also wander by the ongoing discussions of everything relevent or not at the
Dead Cities Forums.

Very dark, very goth, very high quality. They do good stuff here, from short fiction (mostly previously published in paper markets) to writers' resources to reviews and art. If you like horror or anything remotely creepy, stop in for a shudder or two.

EOTU ezine
This is a cool and interesting ezine. Art, fiction, poetry, all of a high-order. The fiction is mainstream, mostly, but kind'a edgy and definitely worth reading. The art is very much superior to the run-of-the-mill website art offerings.

Fantastic Metropolis
Here's one I just discovered: Fantastic Metropolis. And damn, what have I been missing. Excellent, professional ezine. Insanely good fiction. And Michael Moorcock! They've got Michael Moorcock on staff. That's like getting Moses to do your bar mitzva. Go there now and check it out.

Holly is a speculative fiction writer (mostly fantasy), and has also built a damn fine site full of excellent resources for writers and readers alike. Check it out.

InterText Magazine
Good ezine, this. Great stories in a wide range of genres, subgenres, and antigenres. Good clean design and easy navigation make this one a genuine pleasure.

NeverWorlds has suspended publication indefinitely. Damn. NeverWorlds is a truly magnificent magazine. Lovely design and graphics, nice attitude, and guess what? Great speculative fiction. Wow. I wanted to BE NeverWorlds when I grow up.... Now I guess I'll just hafta be ME!

Planet Magazine
Bringing wild science fiction and fantasy to the world since 1994. That makes them one of the grandaddies of all SF ezines. Check it out. Tell 'em Max sent you.

Punk Planet
A friend turned me on to these guys a while back. I read a couple of issues (printed on paper, if you believe anybody still does that) and really got a rush. Good journalism, great design, Very Smooth 'Tude. Get your 'hawk on and check one out.

Quantum Muse
Okay, this one almost constitutes a breach of ethics. I wanted them to link to me, but they have this policy, see, where you have to link back to them within two days.... Luckily, it's a great ezine. One that I would have linked to anyway. Good fiction, good art. Try it.

Rogue Worlds
Interesting site. Actually, the home page leads to a number of cool places, Rogue Worlds being just one. If you're a writer, you should also check out SpecFicMe, a market newsletter.'s SciFiction
Okay, they're big, they're freaky, and they're on your television. This doesn't mean that they can't publish some great fiction. With the inestimable Ellen Datlow at the helm, you can always expect the finest speculative fiction available anywhere.

The Shadowshow
Very nice. Excellent fiction, elegant poetry. Beautiful clean design. I look forward to reading this ezine for a long time to come.

Gabe Chouinard strikes again. This time, it's s1ngularity, a webzine devoted to the bloody razor edge of speculative fiction. Rock on, Gabe.

Well done writers' site. Clean, easy to navigate, and chock full of valuable resources for writers and fans of speculative fiction. Highly recommended.

Strange Horizons
Ya gotta love this ezine. Great writing, dedicated staff, perhaps the most enduring vision for speculative fiction's future. If you're not familiar with them yet, GET THAT WAY.

Whim's Place
Here's a pretty interesting lit-zine. Neatly done, and rapidly filling with great writing. Not specfic, but real honest-to-gravy literature. Well, okay, I read that stuff sometimes....

For Writers

Milk of Medusa
Oh yeah. This is gonna be hot stuff. Part writers' workshop, part reference source, part coffee klatch. These folks are mostly refugees from the old Time-Warner-AOL-Satan iPublish project that foundered late 2001 after much promise and praise. What they're doing here is establishing a forum for all the good stuff that was happening at iPub, without the corporate coprophilia that went with it. It's an ambitious project, and I wish them all success. It's not quite put together yet, but stop by and sign up!
In case you've forgotten how to operate those old fashioned, paper-based reference books....

Fabulous collection of free online reference materials.

Gila Queen
Speculative Fiction Market Guide extraordinaire.

Ahmed A. Khan's Index of Online Fiction
What a great resource! I especially found the author index interesting, useful, and nowhere near reaching its full potential.
Up-to-date market listings and other very valuable information, all in an easy-to-use, attractive format. Go see.
The best resource we know of for web development stuff from beginner's HTML to ASP, SQL, and all the rest.

Speculative Vision
This is not the easiest site to look at. Small white text on a black background with radioactive green headers just makes my poor cerebellum itch. But if you get past that you'll find one of the broadest and thickest selections of SciFi and Fantasy related stuff you'll get anywhere.

Spicy Green Iguana
I should be ashamed of myself. Not for that, silly. Because I haven't had a link to the Iguana until now. These folks are in a class by themselves, really. If you write genre fiction, or are even just interested in it, you owe yourself a visit.
I have been experiencing a curiously aggressive attempt to get me to link share with this site. I don't do linkshare. However, I did browse them and discovered a fairly extraordinary amount of useful content. The Resources for Writers section is broad and, as far as I can tell, up-to-date.


Blogging (or Web Logging, for you word purists) is a pretty weird phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet. Kind of like an online diary. An unfiltered glimpse in the sick and twisted minds of regular folk like me. Blogger is a web presence that makes blogging simple. Below are a few blogs I visit from time to time.

Bob "Not-a-Plumber" Urell
This guy's a pal. I met him at the old iPublish-Brilliant-Idea-Totally-Fucked-Up-and-Over-by-a-Corporate-Behemouth-Gone-Berserk website. His determination to make himself a better writer is nothing short of awe-inspiring. You may also try out the Milk of Medusa writers' site mentioned above. Bob is a co-conspirator.

Gabe "Hypermode" Chouinard
Very interesting fellow. Boundless energy (I think he may be in a serious caffeine overload) He was the creator of Fantastic Metropolis. He operates a Very Popular and Amusing forum, [Hypermode], and currently writes the very intelligent and badass Dislocated Fictions column at SF Site ( I think he may be the last great hope for speculative fiction with his ongoing crusade for a evolutionary reinvigoration of the speculative vision of Ellison, Dick, Spinrad, et al.

Thought Scraps
Cora Buhlert is a writer and poet living in Germany. She writes good. And she keeps a pretty interesting blog, as well. And she actually keeps it current. Unlike some folks I know.

The Blog of Eternal Damnation
This is just plain evil. This Blog bears a very suspicious resemblance to something familiar, but I just can't quite put my finger on it....

Necropolitique: The Testimony of the Mad Liberal
Okay, I'm not sure what this is all about, but it amuses me greatly. Check it out.


Discover Magazine
Good stuff in a sort of pop, generalist, hobby sort of way.

Popular Science
More in depth than some, but somewhat focused on "Gee-whiz" technologies.

Science Daily
Great source of current science headlines, with just enough article to stimulate your interest.

SETI @ Home
What can I say? ET, call me. Anytime. Use your own dime, please.

The Planetary Society
I love these guys: easily the most important of the privately funded space exploration enthusiast organizations. They are directly involved in numerous exciting projects including the Mars rovers and a Mars balloon surveyor in the works.

The Edge
Cool. A fascinating concept: ask some of the world's great minds a question and publish the answers. My personal favorite is Edge #81: "What questions have disappeared?"
Lots of flash and spectacle, but lots of interesting material also.

Your portal to space.... Good collection of news and events.

Scientific American
The grandaddy of 'em all.


Okay, we have a winner. Until somebody else comes up with a search engine that is even remotely this good, Google is all you need.
Oh crap. I wish I'd thought of this. Now you can surf for Elder Demons with an advanced-algorithm relevance engine.


The Straight Dope
Now this is what I'm talking about. Cecil Adams is so smart he makes Bill Moyers look like Bill Murray.

The Fortean Times
Oooh, spooky. Here's the latest scoop on this very strange universe we live in.


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