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Fiction Inferno the Blog of Eternal Damnation for news, developments, and random brain twitches as they occur.

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Burning Fiction

Final Issue
Ow, ow, ow. That stuff is HOT!  Too damned HOT! It's been a GAS, but this is the End....we are going SUPERNOVA! Click Here for FI, the Final Issue!
Previous Issue
Fiery Fabulous Fiction from the Foremost Former Folio
The Pit of Many Keepings
Max Fiction
A Bibliography of fictions from your humble editor.

SOL: A Light NovelSOL: A Light Novel
You are cordially invited to the Greatest Party Ever Held! It's magick and drugs and weirdness of all sorts. Come join the trip! You are invited!

Blazing Fiction

Welcome to the End!

This is the End, Beautiful 

Friend, the End....


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