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Fiction Inferno: The Literary Magazine that Burns You Up is lighting matches in a room full of benzene again! This time, because it's spring! The joyous, skippy, giggly-giddy, happy-happy time of year. And what better way to celebrate life in all its glorious, cute-little-lamby preciousness than to smack you upside your head with three all new, VERY serious works of speculative fiction at it's very darkest. Without further ado, FI gives you Issue #1-003!


Inside the Worm

by Justin Stanchfield

How about a little old-fashioned noir-esque murder mystery? On a starship. Inside a wormhole. With a serious mindfuck thrown in for fun. If you like your genres bent, this hard science-fiction tale with a perfect lead role for Robert Mitchum just might be just the ticket.

Seri Ember

by Lazette Gifford

Wow. Not only did this story knock my socks off with its high-order world-building and its phenomenal character development, but it really moved me at the same time. This is one of the most profoundly touching works of science fiction that I've seen since LeGuin's Left Hand of Darkness.

Mind's Eye

by Mark Yohalem

Just when you think we've got a theme going with two works of science fiction so classic they'd be right at home in the poor departed pages of Datlow's old OMNI we go and blast the whole thing apart with a Very Original Fantasy, in the tradition of Lovecraft. Sort of. But really, it was a trick. You see, our theme this quarter was really characters. And as you'll soon see, Mark Yohalem has developed one that you'll remember for a long time.

FI's First Annual Very Short Fiction Competition

Results of FI's First Annual Very Short Fiction Competition are in! See who won! See who almost won! See a picture of a man eating his own head! Not Really! But the contest results really are here!


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