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Nocturnes: A Triptych

by Claude Lalumière

There is a literary Golden Fleece that almost all writers feel a need to try for at least once: the elusive Second Person Narrative. Many try, most die. But how on Earth am I to resist a work (Second Person or no) with a section titled "The Secret Seduction of the Subtle Serpent?" Hmmm? Especially considering that it's a wonderful work, filled with extraordinary language, marvelous mood, and lots of good sexy bits. Puritans may skip to the next story, but the rest of you are in for a real treat.


by Christopher Daly

'Scuse me, but anybody see my planet? I know I left it lying around here somewhere.... "Inconsolable" is one of those rare works of speculative fiction that combines elements of pure fantasy with hard scifi and literary narrative to create a moving, ethereal, bittersweet experience. LeGuin, Vonnegut, Bradbury. Like that. Christopher Daly has the chops, and we think he's a writer to watch.

Bonobo Christ

by alienartist

Oh my god. We first encountered the writer known as alienartist in a short-lived but interesting workshop experiment somewhen in the early parts of the 21st Century. Our introduction to his work was an extraordinarily lovely and peculiar prose experiment that ran something around 3,000 words without a single punctuation mark. And even wierder is, the thing actually worked. So anyway, here's something sure to be the likes of which you'll never see anywhere else. While we found the title alone irresistable, the story itself is vastly entertaining, and at the same time rather poignant.


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